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Leonar is the first CRM and automation tool dedicated to recruiters. Use it to stay on top of your pipeline and engage more effectively with candidates.
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Recruiting CRM

The sourcing tool recruiters were waiting for 🙏

Recruiting has radically changed. The best candidates are hunted through sourcing & cold outreach.
Leonar makes it easy to automate your daily sourcing tasks, so you can focus on what really matters. With real-time CRM, dashboard and reporting analytics, collaboration tools and automation capabilities, you'll be able to accomplish more with less effort and less time.

Recruit the best candidates by building an efficient talent acquisition system

Attract Talents
Get more responses from potential candidates
Leonar is the most efficient way to detect the right talents and reach out to them with automated follow-ups.
Talent Pipeline
Build long term relationships
Just like sales, Talent Acquisition is often about nurturing long term relationships with potential candidates. Leonar helps your build long term talent pipelines.
Company network
Benefit from your team's network
Leonar proactively detects profiles in your teams' Linkedin network that match your job offers and help you reach out seamlessly.

What can Leonar CRM do for you

Time spent on sourcing
Reply rate
Hires per recruiter
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How does it work ?

Linkedin Recruiter integration
Candidate filtering and scoring
Automated Linkedin message Sequence
Team's network
Recruiter's inbox

The all in one productivity tool that every recruiter should have to grow and nurture their network

Linkedin & email
Linkedin & Emails

Reach more profiles by combining Linkedin & email messages

Powerfull filtering capabilities

The key to sourcing is targeting. We've create amazing filters that we've never seen before.

Automation under control

Follow-up on your candidates at the right time. We make sure you don't send generic message to someone who already answered you in the past.


Define personalised messages sequences to enter in contact with multiple candidates quickly.


Hire as a team ! See if a candidate was already in contact with a team member in a blink of an eye.

Safe and tested

Our solution has been used daily by professional recruiters for months. It ensures you stay compliant with Linkedin quotas.

Ready to build the most efficient Talent Acquisition Machine the world has ever seen ?

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Building an efficient Talent Acquisition Process
Building an efficient Talent Acquisition Process

Having a great process is the first step toward hiring the best talents